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Arco bed And camping

The farm

A family tradition

Our farm was born in the early 1950s thanks to the work of today's 95 year old Bruno Amistadi; at the beginning he was a simple sharecropper; over the years he managed with sacrifices to purchase the first land.

Initially Bruno cultivated wheat and maize and for a small extent vineyards, and then moved on to the more profitable tobacco plantations. This crop suffered a serious disease that affected all the tobacco production in the area, so he moved over the years towards the cultivation of fruits such as apple, peach, plum and vines.

Bruno, with the help of his wife Carmen and his numerous children, continued his agricultural activity until the age of 86! Now he plays the role of supervisor, and his beloved land is cultivated by his children.
From part of the original farm was created the agricultural society "società agricola Amistadi Bruno e Pederzolli Carmen", which is made up of two children and the oldest granddaughter of Bruno and Carmen.

Since year 2012 the agricultural activity has been integrated with the opening of the "AB&C Arco Bed & Camping" camping site.

The farm currently works on some of Bruno's land, and others land acquired later cultivated with olive trees and grapevines. Extra virgin olive oil is sold to our farm customers.